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Help Us Understand The Skills You Would Like Your Recruits To Have

Have a look at the job roles to the right, which our research has found to be typical entry level roles for graduates starting out within a Digital Marketing Agency. Click the roles which your organisation is recruiting for, has recruited for or may recruit for (which could be just one role or all eight).

This will take you to a typical description of that role and then please complete the quiz for all the roles which are relevant to your company (and honestly each quiz will take no more than five minutes!!) We are asking you to complete a separate quiz for each role as the skills mix is unique to each job.

As we have discovered, different companies can use job titles in different ways; our understanding of the titles is listed here (you will see a fuller description when you click on each job).

Graphic Designer – Work on websites, computer games, advertising and corporate identity.

Web Designer – Create website layouts for clients and provides design updates for their company’s website.

Project Manager – Manage projects on a day to day basis, liaises with clients and the project team, to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to budget

Junior Copywriter (or SEO junior copywriter) – Write copy for web, with an awareness of online marketing to ensure writing is suitable for SEO, and commercial awareness as representing the client’s brand.

SEO Assistant (or SEO Executive) – Data intensive role with an understanding and involvement in online marketing.

Graduate Display Assistant – Involved in decisions about visual advertising on websites and mobiles. Working on campaigns. Also data intensive.

Social Media Executive – Work on social media campaigns for clients and maintain a presence for the company on social media sites. Monitor social media traffic.

Graduate Online Marketing Assistant – Develop online marketing campaigns for clients. Monitor and enhance current online marketing activity.